The Process of Empowerment

You can be who ever you want to be if you believe in ‘You’. You can do whatever you want to do if you believe you can do it. You can achieve anything you set out to achieve if you are prepared to put in the required effort.

The process is made up of the seven Ps – positivity, practice, patience, perseverance, pain and pleasure.

You begin with a positive attitude. Add to this the practice, patience and perseverance it takes to learn something new. There will be a fair amount of pain along the way but as long as there is also pleasure ultimately you will succeed.

I have come to pole fitness quite late in life but in my head I believed I could do it. The reality of my first pole lesson with Chloe Anderson at passion4pole was a proper reality check. I imagined I would be swinging round that pole and scampering up it like a little monkey. Not so. I felt more like an elephant trying to climb an icicle.

But I held on to the fantasy and drew on a hitherto unknown source of patience… perhaps this is a virtue that comes with maturity.

The great thing about pole is that you feel a great sense of achievement with every tiny improvement. It is truly exhilarating and this is no doubt why anyone who is into pole will tell you that they are passionate about it. I personally have never heard anyone say that about pumping iron in a gym – though I am sure there are some.

With every week that passes you feel your body becoming firmer and stronger. You discover muscles in places you didn’t think you needed them. You discover them because they hurt. And of course you need them because without them your body would just cave in. Ah wait a minute! That’s exactly what was beginning to happen, of course. As my core muscles have become stronger I have felt my body get longer and slimmer and my posture has improved. I feel as though I am fitting into my skin better and definitely fitting my clothes better. It is almost like having my 20 year old body back. Now who doesn’t dream of that?

The next thing you notice is that you have become much more flexible than you were. Wrapping yourself around a pole demands great flexibility and unless you stretch out every day you do lose this as you get older. It almost goes without saying that stretching just for the sake of it can be boring. But if you are stretching out, for example your back, so that you can master the Janeiro then the motivation is so much greater than if you are just doing it because the doctor said you should.

With strength and flexibility also comes balance. Many of the intermediate and advanced pole tricks require a good sense of balance but unless you have the strength to hold your body in balance you will never put this to the test.

I am still in the very early stages of learning pole but I dream of putting together a performance to music. This for me is the ultimate accolade. I watch pole dance YouTubes of my pole icons dancing up and down the pole like it were a dance hall. People like Bugsy Munro, Elena Gibson, Felix Cane, Alessandra Marchetti and our very own Chloe Anderson. The skill set required to do this well is phenomenal. It takes not only strength, flexibility and balance but add to that list stamina, musicality, timing, rhythm and stage presence.

I take my hat off to those men and women at the top of their game in pole. They are a wonder to behold and an inspiration to us all.

Felix Cane

Elena Gibson

Chloe Anderson

The Pole Dance Fitness Instructor - Chloe Anderson
Soozie Campbell

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