What gets you off your backside?

We are all motivated in different ways and by different things. When it comes to keeping fit I am someone who hates gyms. I hate the smell and the ambience. I feel sick on the treadmill and hate the idea of cycling to nowhere when I could be using the same energy to cycle to somewhere – like round the countryside or into town. And most of all I want to do something that is fun.

Team sports can be fun but I know lots of people hate them. Some find them threatening or intimidating and just a bit too competitive. Similarly some people hate the competitive aspect of individual sports like tennis or badminton.

However, increasingly we are becoming aware of the need for all of us to take regular exercise. You may have a watch that nags you to ‘do more steps’ or you may simply watch enough telly to get the drip feed message that sitting there in that couch watching telly is not great for your general health and well being.

So what is it that gets you out of the couch and into action? Do you need to work out with friends or are you a loaner? Do you want something that is easy to fit in around your daily routine or do you want something that will add a new dimension to your daily routine? Do you want to burn calories or build muscle or do you want a bit of both?

If, like me, you need to have fun to keep up the motivation then a taster course in aerial or pole fitness could be just what you’ve been looking for and couldn’t find.

If you ask anyone who is into pole you will find they are into it with a passion. There is no halfway house with pole. You love it or you hate it. And you’ll know this within the first couple of lessons. It hurts like hell but as long as the pleasure outweighs the pain you will soon get hooked. And the good news is that the pain lessens the more you do.

I can honestly say that I was in pain for the best part of my first year on the pole (with Chloe Anderson). But they do say no pain no gain and so I felt great. My body was flooded with adrenalin and endorphins so the pain paled into insignificance against the huge sense of achievement with every improvement or new trick learnt.

To be successful on the pole you will need to develop strength, stamina, balance, flexibility and a little bit of courage for those drops and flips that come after you’ve mastered the basics.

Aerial sports include trapeze, ropes, silks and hoops. You will develop similar skills in each of these disciplines including strength, balance, flexibility and timing.

And if your fundamental motivation is to show off then you will eventually develop routines and performances that will stun your audiences and make you feel like a true star.

Soozie Campbell