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This beautiful 200 year old cottage sits on the edge of a small village called Boulogne sur Gesse in the Haute Garonne 50 miles south west of Toulouse. It is called La Maison Neuve. This means the new house and it is so called because it isn’t quite as old as the rest of the village which dates back to the 13th century when it was a bastide or walled encampment. With its mediaeval church and wood framed houses and guest houses it was a popular stop off point for pilgrims on the Jean Compostela route.

In Boulogne Sur Gesse you have the beauty of an unspoilt village where life moves with the ‘escargot’ contrasted by the challenges of the surrounding mountains, white water rapids and lakes.

With the Pyrenees to the south, lakes and a beach, rivers, cycle routes and hill climbing on our doorstep Boulogne sur Gesse is an ideal spot for the hearty outdoor enthusiast.

It is also a perfect retreat for more relaxed activities such as photography, painting and nature studies. 

There is a nature reserve nearby (The Natura 2000: On the coast of Bieil and Montoussé) where there are many rare species of orchid and rare birds such as the Lucane kite and the Sawyer.

La Maison Neuve offers a respite to come home to after the tasks of the day. The promise of a refreshing swim in the pool followed by a tasty barbeque will keep you on track to fulfil your personal challenges and achieve your goals.